Collection: 2020 Produced in 2020 Minosato Mai Rice Polished Tsukiakari

2020 production

Tsuki Akari: 100%

Polished rice

Tsukiakari is large and has a flavor comparable to Koshihikari!

Plump and shining luster, gentle sweetness, deep taste

~ Rice that is delicious even when cold ~

The rice you eat every day makes delicious rice.

It's delicious even when it's cold, so you can enjoy it as a lunch box or onigiri.

From seeding to harvesting to storage, we do it all in-house.

We are proud of our rice grown with all our heart while imagining the smiles of those who eat it.

We do everything from seeding, rice planting, rice harvesting, drying, hulling, rice polishing, and storage in-house.

“A delicious smile is the beginning of happiness”

I raised it with affection while imagining the face of the person eating it!

May Minori Mai bring you a happy smile...

We carry out radiographic inspections on all products and all bags.

We deliver safe and secure agricultural products.