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Mini tomato Aiko and berry about 800g

Mini tomato Aiko and berry about 800g

I got the taste.

Tomato season is spring and autumn.

Sweetness and sourness are exquisite. The sugar content of tomatoes varies depending on factors such as photosynthesis, water content, cultivation method, and variety.

It tends to be sweet in spring because it grows slowly and has low water requirements during the cold months.

The intensity of the flavor changes with the amount of water.

●The variety cultivated at Minori Farm is a Japanese variety and has a good taste.

Overseas cultivars (which can be harvested in large quantities) and those that are especially resistant to diseases tend to have a difficult taste.

●At Minori Farm, we combine isolated cultivation in packs and an AI-controlled irrigation system to adjust moisture.

●You can choose your favorite variety.

Aiko: Plum-shaped with thick flesh and filling

Berries: Cute, heart-shaped and easy to eat

●Although we take care not to break the product during shipping, it may break during transportation.

Packaging materials may change.

It is dispatch by courier service compact or courier service.

TA-Q-BIN Compact can be shipped nationwide.

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